Saturday, October 18, 2008

This is little Aimie, she is a one of a kind polymer sculpt I made, she is posable and soft, her little read hair is a fun touch to show off her creaming skin tone. She is available for sale, if your interested, email me. I am asking $39. for her. She is not really a toy, but if purchased for a bit older child whe will do fine.

Friday, October 10, 2008

This necklace is entirely handmade, the main area of the piece is woven using an ancient viking weave,the pendant is a beautiful handmade glass bead accented with chrystals. Made of solid Stirling Silver, $45.

This entire pendant is made from solid copper wire twisted over a solid copper wire center. It is trimmed with glass/copper beads, it can be hung with a simple black satin ribbon for a beautiful accent to evening wear. This piece is for sale now for $25. If your interested please contact me!
Here is our line of Wine Jellies, from the Similkameen Valley. They are available individually or by the case at $7. ea or $5. ea. when purchased by the case of 12. They are wonderful with fine cheese's or fresh fruit or on toast (yummy!)

Here is my favourite gourd to date, it took one week to carve and trim with ponderosa pine needles, it is approx. 11" across, opens from the top, and it's for sale, contact me if your interested!

Here is our Peterbilt, and we're parked in Laredo, TX. 32' and awsome. We love going south and the people are very nice. How can you not like palm tree's?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Here is a picture taken up behind Nickel Plate Mine, in Hedley BC just next to the open pit, I counted 16 mountain goats, incredible animals and a delight to see.
To our friends and family who are taking a look at our blog, thankyou for your encouragement. We hope to have enough artwork put together to make a decent attempt at selling via our website. It will be
It is not up and running yet, but I'll let you know when it is. We have a pile of ideas floating about in our minds to do, so hopefully time will tell if they come out well enough to be seen in public,lol. I hope you'll check in often and like what you see. I'll try and keep it interesting.

This little Elf goes by the name of Gilert, he is a ooak sculpt and stands about 11" tall. His cloths are hand made and his "goatee" is real hair! He is for sale on our site, if your interested let me know.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

this is little Maddy, she is a partial sculpt, she is completely posable and cuddly, and for sale! $35.00

this beautiful turning is Black Walnut, from the Similkameen Valley, the bark is still present, this piece is for sale $125.00

beautiful butterfly!!
Hey it's been a full day, I started working on my Etsy Store, the way to find it is here
So I have yet to finish, check in and see for yourself. This butterfly is a real life work of art, you can truly see through it's wings, I fell in love with it when I saw it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I see I cannot us largest for my print and is doesn't look good and devides words up, anyhow enough of that.
It's beautiful and we got our load on before 7 am. yippy. I may change things on this page as I get to know all the functions. So please add yourself so you can follow us around, and make comments,,,,,,,nice ones would be lovely,lol. Any suggestions too, I'm all thumbs here, so bare with me as I said. Have an awsome day! toodle loo!!!