Sunday, December 27, 2009

this little chubby baby was a bit of a crybaby,, but she is big enough for a cuddle and she felt better! she wears a pamper as well. As you can see she is a "handful"
Here is one of my first "babies" she was a bit larger than I usually sculpt and so much fun! As her little face came together I fell in love with her. She is cuddly and oh so sweet! she was big enough to fit into a pamper!!
Introducing "Ginger the Forest Fairy"
She is a quiet little fae that was found wandering
the forest of British Columbia, she loves to sit and watch
the forest creatures
This is "Faith"
She now lives with a special friend
in Colorado! She is one of my favourites
Although she looks very different from me
her expression is how I feel inside:)